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Understanding Hospice

Hometown Hospice Care
Hospice is a philosophy that focuses on caring, not curing. When medical science has done all it can to cure an illness or disease, hospice offers an alternative--comfort, compassion and dignity. Hometown Hospice services are provided for persons who: • Request palliative care rather than curative treatment • Live within our service area • Have a life-limiting illness certified by their attending physician and our medical director that could result in death in about six months. However, no one ever really knows how long anyone may live. Once admitted to Hometown Hospice, a patient may receive our services as long as the prognosis remains the same, or discontinue them at any time. We'll be here if you need us again. Common life-limiting illnesses covered by Hometown Hospice • Metastatic Malignancies/Cancer End-stage: • Cardio Vascular/Heart Disease(CHF) • Cerebrovascular Disease(CVA) Stroke and Coma • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) • Pulmonary/Lung Disease(COPD) • Liver Disease • Renal/Kidney Disease • AIDS/HIV • Neurological Diseases • Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders

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